A School Trip to Tesco

May 29, 2014, 09:09 AM

My four year old daughter recently arrived home carrying a paper Tesco bag. She’d had a strange kind of school trip. They went to a local mill to see how it worked and then they took the flour from the mill over to Tesco, where they made hot cross buns in the bakery. Now the thing that bothers me about this, outside of my general dislike for this major supermarket, is that Tesco doesn’t carry the flour from the local mill and they are not generally known to have anything to do with local producers around here, so why were they stepping-up and offering their kitchen facilities to teach my child about bread-making? It all became clear when I looked at the bag she was carrying. On it, it read ‘I learned where my food comes from today,’ and then ‘Farm to Fork’ at the bottom, followed by the Tesco logo....

By Alicia Miller

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