Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge Centenary 2011: winners of the writing competition

Jun 03, 2014, 07:39 PM

Enjoy short stories & poetry from the winning entries of our national writing competition. A collaboration between listenupnorth.com & Writers' Block NE:

'Fear and Falling in Port Clarence' a short story by Michael Cail 'Big Blue' a poem by Allison Davies 'Happy Birthday Stanporter' a short story by Pat Brudenell read by Bonnie Hibbs 'I’ve Seen It All' a poem by Louise Kerr read by Chris Stewart 'The Bridge of Steel' a short story by Ben Bone read by Adele Milward 'Metal Colossus in Blue' a poem by Irene Styles read by Bonnie Hibbs 'Retirement' a short story by Ben Frew 'Somewhere Different' a short story by Helen Victoria Anderson 'We Shall Be' a poem by Helen Steadman 'Ladislav’s Love' a short story by Rebecca Perl read by Chris Stewart