Dec 03, 2010, 05:29 PM
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gemmawent - almost 7 years ago

Oh lovely Kate, this made me cry and cry (I read it after 'A year on, still on my mind'). I know that wasn't the point, but as you know this is so close to what happened to me. Even now, 4 years later, I still think about it in the same way you are after 1 year (mine was 3rd February by the way, scarily close). I can't actually look at your picture as it brings it all back. The loneliness, the strangers trying to help, the fear, the ambulance siren, the hospital, the not knowing ... before, finally, the morphine :)

I stumbled here purely by accident after browsing twitter, and I'm pleased I found this and the other boo before it. Happy one year on. Keep it with you as it will continue to give you great strength when things get tough for years to come. Just look back, see what you got through and what a catalyst it was. Then realise you have the strength within you to do anything you put your mind, and heart, to.

Embrace the 3rd December as I embrace 3rd February. Happy anniversary, here's to strength.