Stupidity Makes For Easy Comedy

Dec 05, 2010, 12:28 AM
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little_grey_men - almost 7 years ago

Trenton, esé..., why do you even bother w/ these people, dude? lol


SteamSaint - almost 7 years ago

First off let me say thank you for dedicating your first non-introductory post here to me. Also thank you for informing me of said post. Of course that is sadly where the thanks will most likely end. I do appreciate you inviting me to start this dialog in case you misunderstood my rant. In that same spirit I am hoping I misunderstood implications to my “stupidity” and such things as being “off my crazy pills.”
I can, I suppose, see where the tone of Two Minutes of Hate ( A reference to the Two Minutes’ Hate from George Orwell’s novel 1984 ) may be off-putting to people who are unfamiliar with, or not fans of, the materiel of people like Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, and Lewis Black. Now I would never hold myself up with the works of such talented brilliant men, but they are the ones that have inspired me for quite some time.
I would like to point out some inaccuracies in your description of the types of sidewalk walkers that I take umbrage with. It is not at all the accidental mis-stepping to avoid bumping into each other that I was talking about. My point was simply that when walking on the sidewalk, how hard would it be to abide by the same rules we follow while driving? Now failing that, what would also be nice is common human decency. The specific example sighted was a couple walking down the sidewalk hand in hand, refusing to step single file for a moment to let someone coming the opposite direction by. I’m surely not the only person who is less than thrilled by having to step out into the street so that a pair of “lovebirds” can be spared the agony of not walking side by side for a brief moment.
In regards to the marathon runners, I don’t dispute your point that humanity as a whole could benefit from a bit of a exercise now and again. That in fact is the very reason I am out on the sidewalks three times a day to notice the poor manner of other people walking about. The fact that marathons are more often than not running to raise money for a charity doesn’t enter into the equation. I myself have helped make the Out of the Darkness community walks both here in Seattle and in Chicago, so I am far from unfamiliar with the concept. My problem is not with the charity or with the organizations hosting the marathon, but with the self abusive and self loathing runners themselves, and I stand by what I said.
I could go on but what it comes down to is this... some of my posts will be about how much I love a certain Pogues song. Some will be about playing with Legos, and yes some of my posts are going to be rants in the style of mentors of mine such as Bill Hicks and Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Some will enjoy them, some won’t.