Womens Barbershop Chorus practice

Jul 22, 2014, 03:16 AM
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PaulLeishman - over 2 years ago

I managed to get some great recordings of Russian quires when I was in St Petersburg in September last year


PaulLeishman - over 2 years ago

Wow really sweet


ChristineMalec - about 3 years ago

Are you singing in there? Barbershop is so much fun, and it's not common enough to hear women do it.


marcb2014 - about 3 years ago

This is definitely a different take on the Beachboys hit; but I think Brian and the boys would get a kick out of it! Really nice!


Melanieakpotu - over 3 years ago

Very nice!


__passion4pno - over 3 years ago

this was fantastic