Employment consequences (Drink drive campaign)

Jul 29, 2014, 08:55 AM

"I have cancelled your contract and here is your P45." THINK! Drink drive and face the employment consequences.

There are strict penalties if you are convicted of drink driving, including:

  • a minimum 12 month driving ban
  • a criminal record
  • a fine of up to £5,000
  • an endorsement on your license for 11 years

However, this list does not reflect the everyday consequences of being caught drink driving which can include:

  • increase in car insurance costs
  • job loss
  • trouble getting in to countries like the USA
  • the shame of having a criminal record
  • loss of independence

The Institute of Advanced Motorists calculate that a drink drive conviction could cost between £20,000 - £50,000 as a result of fines, solicitors fees, increase in car insurance and loss of job.

See: think.direct.gov.uk/drink-driving.html