Ways of saying "All right" - response to a comment on teacherluke.co.uk

Sep 03, 2014, 11:52 AM

This is a response to a comment on teacherluke.co.uk from Vladimir. This is what he wrote: Dear Luke, first of all, my deepest gratitude for your excellent work , for your selfless efforts in helping us, non-native speakers, in our efforts to get closer to English.Ages ago, in one of the BBC learning English program I heard “Three ways of saying ALL RIGHT in English” Could you, please explain the different intonations of this common expression? I am your fan and have shared your references with a lot of my friends studying English. You are Number ONE for all of us in this camp! Thanks a lot, again! Vladimir Goryunov, 67 years, Ukraine, Kiev You can find the comment on this page: http://teacherluke.co.uk/the-podcast/