AFP Show #4: Don’t put a sheep inside the otter’s pajamas

Oct 03, 2014, 05:39 PM

A warning: this show contains some swearing.

It's October 2014 and we're speaking with #comedian Laurence Clark and Jess Thom from Touretteshero. We chat about doing impressions of #disabled people, breaking an egg when you have random motion control, cycling on a child’s tricycle when you’re in your forties and why dignity can be overrated. We review two products, a humane spider catcher and egg cracker. Hosts Steve Best and Simon Minty talk about how it feels to be left out if you’re the one who isn’t disabled and the difference between waving and drowning. At the end we delve a little deeper when Jess talks about the going to the theatre and the rest of the audience don’t know how to relax. #disability #comedy #standup


Laurence’s blog when Jess came to see his show