A good day to do an upgrade to Yosemite and to iOS 8.1

Oct 22, 2014, 04:13 PM, Santa Cristina d'Aro, CT, Spain

I hesitated before I am graded my Mac to Yosemite and this is because I always use DragonDictate rather than using the keyboard. I reckon I can write about three times faster using the dictation rather than using typing. In the end I decided to take the jump and give it a try. Of course I had a whole load of backups completed before I did anything. I use the application Superduper to create two separate backups of the system drive. And I also have Time Machine backup to fall back on if necessary too.

So I am quite pleased with the new operating system for my Mac even though there are one or two things that are not working on it and will never work on it probably. The reason that some things will not work is because of the absence of Bluetooth low energy version 4 on the Mac. So whichever way I tried to get it to do the job with the handoff and also with connecting up the phone for the SMS messages on the Mac it was no good at all.

Tomorrow I will be getting my new iPad air 2 and I will be held to try out the hand function from the iPhone 6 to the new iPad. Same thing with the SMS messages where I will be able to see text messages that were destined for my phone on my new iPad. I don't plan to upgrade my Mac for a year or two so I'm going out to stick with what I've got. I did toy with the idea of getting a USB dongle for the new Bluetooth for low-energy. The only thing is, that I heard on a podcast that this possible solution to the problem is not going to work.