Guy Sebastian talks Halloween, Bulges, Kids, Crates, Idol and My AWKWARD mancrush!

Nov 07, 2014, 04:48 AM

Guy Sebastian was Australia's very first Idol Winner! He's come a long way since the days of the fro, the awkward earrings and that terrible first single "Angels Brought Me Hear"! Sorry Guy - it was pretty bad but I guess you had to start somewhere!

I remember playing his first song on the radio for the first time way back when in 2003 and I also remember Guy sending me a thank you card for spinning it. It was pretty cute, a little white card with a selfie! Yep a selfie way before camera phones however this selfie was drawn in a thick black sharpie with a squiggle line as an afro with the words "Thanks Brendo" written underneath! Believe it or not, I still have that somewhere (somewhere remains the keyword!)

I've spoken to Guy over the phone and tweeted a few times since his Idol days and he's a great guy! Haha. Great, down to earth, laid back guy who is so passionate about his music and family. His Instagram account excusing his awkward Halloween photo of himself wearing lycra tights with a massive bulge is like a tribute to his success and his family! He and Julz make very cute babies and his talent and career continues to grow!

Our latest convo was recorded from a live interview that went to air on STARFM Albury this week. We discussed his new single "Mama Ain't Proud" with 2Chainz, his upcoming arena tour, his McDonalds Halloween Costume with extra nuts, his kids, his artistic, multi layered single cover and I admitted to the man himself I have a man crush on him! His Tattoo sleeve is awesome! Told him to watch out cause I might come after him with tracing paper and a pencil to copy it!

Enjoy listening! - Brendo

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