Part 2 ار دو کتا بوں کی محبت میں In the love of Urdu books

Nov 09, 2014, 08:11 PM

Part 2 In the bipolar city of Karachi, it is 7 am, and at the back street of Regal Chowk, Saddar Bazar, the treasure hunters are already lined up and waiting. As soon as the BORIAN (traditional bags made up of jute) are opened, the old precious Urdu books falls on to the foot path, one after the other to form a pile. The fierce battle of finding the diamond and gold begins, followed by the psychological wrestling of bargaining between hunters and seasoned and cunning Karachiite old book sellers.

One of these treasure hunters is Rashid Ashraf Sahib. In fact, Rashid Ashraf is the Sultana Dakoo (Robin Hood) of the precious Urdu books from this bazaar. Out of his hunted treasure of more than 1200 books in many years, he has already shared around 500 of these books on Scribd, Flickr etc. for all of us to download and use.

Valueversity is so proud to talk to him about the first love of his life, Urdu books. He is the author of five books till this date and introduces his new book طرز بیاں اور` پر ا نی کتا بوں کا اتوار بازار with the listeners. This audio is in two parts. Enjoy! Shariq Ali