Albury Wodonga Fines On The Rise

Nov 09, 2014, 10:12 PM

Front page of the Albury Wodonga Border Mail today listed the speeding fine hot spots in town with a record $60,000 collected from local motorists speeding on local roads.

You have to wonder when people are going to get it through their thick heads that it's dangerous and besides it affecting you if your actually in an accident it's going to affect someone else and possibly their family and friends if you kill them!

I'm not surprised or shocked at that figure. I honestly thought it would be much higher! But you have to ask - when will people realise the damage it's not only doing to their bank accounts but to others when people get hurt!

We asked on air this morning "When have you been stung" by any type of fine. My co-host Kristie revealed she has several fines on the go at the moment, granted majority of them are parking fines but Sienna called up to admit she's been a very bad girl!

Please think about what the worst possible outcome could be from speeding. Don't arrive at your final destination in a body bag!

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