Mac20Q Podcast Interview with Mac User Michael King from Texas

Nov 14, 2014, 02:05 PM, Santa Cristina d'Aro, CT, Spain

I last got talking to Michael about five years ago and since then he's added a trashcan Mac Pro and also the latest iMac with a 5K display to his Apple stable. He tells me about how his house and he burned down alongside telling me what he does with his Mac and his iOS devices. You could say that we had a really good chat and that we got on like a house on fire! The good thing is that it wasn't his house. He does also use a Microsoft surface tablet, but we won't hold that against him. It seems that most of his business end of things could be done with whatever sort of technology even though his offices dominantly Mac-based. Some software that is required for the business is either Windows or Android.

For his personal computing needs he uses Mac and IOS and is still using Aperture for his photography as he was when I first spoke to him. Like many people that are used to using professional applications for photography and in particular using Aperture is considering moving completely to Adobe Lightroom due to Apple stopping work with Aperture. We don't know yet whether the application that will be in place instead of both Aperture and also iPhoto, the Photos app will be any good. It could be better than any of the previous Apple applications for dealing with photos. We will have to see, but in the meantime it does leave a certain amount of uncertainty.

I have to admit to being jealous that Michael has bought himself one of these new iMacs with the 5K display. I would also be jealous that he has also got one of these trash can Mac Pro computers which will also be rather good for working with 4K displays and doing video work. In any case it seems Michael has it all sorted out in terms of which hardware and software he wants to use and balancing that with some of the constraints with the technology that they has to use.