How to Quieten Your Mind


If you have ever wanted to meditate but can't make your mind go quiet, this is a great way to do it - report back by way of comment below how you get on ...

... and to really make your mind go quiet, take the Flavours of Thought ecourse and you will never think about your thoughts in quite the same way again

over 5 years ago


thebookwright - almost 4 years ago

This quotation by David Bohm I found in a book by Amit Goswami was the inspiration for this visualisation ...

“If we concentrate on the content of thought, we lose sight of the direction in which the thought is heading. If we concentrate on the direction of a thought, we lose sharpness in its content.”


thebookwright - about 4 years ago

Thanks Lesley - the background music is from Thought Sounds - once you buy it, you can use it royalty free in your own visualisations


Lesleywriter - about 4 years ago

I've found when I have listened to this I am MUCH more productive. It really works. I like the 'music' too, where does that come from?

I've got this 'boo' bookmarked!


SarahJackson - over 4 years ago

Thanks Tom. Will try this next week. Needs a little more 'coffee break time' for this one, but looks interesting .. :-)


thebookwright - over 4 years ago

Thanks Sarah - if you liked this one, you may like the Universal Breath which is part of the Bending Time programme


SarahJackson - over 4 years ago

Good stuff! Have tried meditation a few times and never got on with it. Did take a look for guided meditation on the net a few years ago, but couldn't find anything at the time. Just took a short break to give this a shot. Oo-er. My mind cleared before the audio was halfway through! It often won't stop for long enough to allow me get a good night's sleep when I'm full of ideas and things to do. Impressive Tom! Shall be tuning into your site again. And will use the meditation again too :-) Thank you. Sarah Jackson (