Part 1 پاکستان میں توقیر فن Value of art in Pakistan, a conversation with Arif Waqar

Dec 06, 2014, 09:31 AM

Valueversity recently had a conversation with BBC Urdu's Lahore-based journalist, Arif Waqar Sahib about his life and career in Radio, television, BBC world service and now as a teacher in National college of Arts in Lahore. Arif Waqar Sahib is one of the few truly learned individuals of Pakistan who has his eyes both on literature, poetry and all forms of art in Pakistan.

We asked him the painful question of how art and artists are treated in Pakistan? He is surely an authentic person to answer this question as he did an extensive research on this subject while producing a series " Moajza e Fun" for the BBC world service few years ago. He had a chance to talk to the leading Pakistani actors, directors, dancers and artists.

This pod cast attempts to touch upon few pertinent questions. Are we still searching for a sense of national cultural identity even after more than six decades of our existence as a nation? Are we still struggling to ascertain the place of a 'performer' in our society? What is thw way forward to regain the value of art and artists? Please listen and be illuminated! Shariq Ali