Such A Heartbreaking Call: The Man Too Poor To Eat


When James O'Brien was speaking about foodbanks, Mike called LBC to say that he was living on just a tin of spaghetti a day since being made redundant.

Dec 08, 2014, 11:30 AM
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Peter1090 - almost 3 years ago

I was on the streets for 3 years i know how this guy feels and and yes is hard some times u dont eat for days even a week u thing of giving up but out of the blue my life changed this mad my cry so deep i wish i could find him and help him :-(


wobblymummy - almost 3 years ago

It sounds like this man has emotional health issues and not just money worries. Sometimes its not all about the money, it's about giving people the empowerment to help themselves. He feels helpless and depressed and unless that is rectified, what will happen when the donations fade away? Just give him a job not a handout, enough wages a month to put a roof over his head, a meal on his table and a computer to take away the boredom.


NainW4 - almost 3 years ago

Reading this has made me hopping mad. Why do we send so much to foreign countries when people in our own country re living like this. Same as the other people who have commented if you find out who it is let me know


pickersplayspop - almost 3 years ago

I was not far off this about 6 years ago. We're all only a couple of steps away from this. This is heartbreaking.


oddbunny - almost 3 years ago

I can't change this evil society we live in but is there some way I can help? I don't have much as a mature student but I'll happily do what I can. Please ask him to accept help from these other lovely people who have commented here because they are the face of humanity we should all strive to be. Tell me where to send something and I will. Thank you for giving this man a voice.


alimitchell74 - almost 3 years ago

Heartbreaking. He is one of many. Soooo bloody aweful. This country is in a shit state. Sending prayers mike xxxx