Stacking amp simulators in your DAW for the best sound combination

Dec 11, 2014, 11:51 AM

Why stack amp simulator VST's in your DAW insert or effects?

Stacking amp sims in your daw in order to achieve the best parts of each of them. Most amp sims are now pretty usable but some aspects of them might not be so cool. Switch these features off use the missing feature from another amp sim.

In this video we look at the sound produced by stacking Amplitube (for pedal/stompbox, all other items bypassed) Then into Poulin amp sim (without cab) then into Amplitube again for Cab simulation and rack effects (all other items bypassed)

With this you can use amps, cabs, effects, rack effects and even mic sims from different amp vst to get the desired sound. It also makes your amp arsenal much bigger and means you can use some of the free amp sims in conjunction with paid ones.

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