TFOT: Episode 1 - Nessa O'Mahony

Dec 15, 2014, 05:13 PM

In this first episode of 'The Family of Things' series presenter Helen Shaw talks to Irish poet Nessa O'Mahony about her life, poetry, what inspires her. Having spent 15 years in journalism and public relations, Nessa O’Mahony was one of the first writers in Ireland to complete a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing in 2007. She is a published writer having released poetry collections and verse novels such as 'Bar Talk' (1999), Trapping a Ghost (2005), In Sight of Home (2009) and most recently 'Her Father's Daughter' (2014) In this episode, Nessa tells us how she first began writing and the inspiration and stories behind her poems as well as giving us an insight into her personal life by sharing tales from her childhood memories with her father to what her family really think of her writing.

To hear the full podcast with Nessa O'Mahony please click the link below, but for now here's an exclusive short clip from the episode as Nessa tells us about how her writing journey really began at age 30 when she went to her first creative writing class.

The Family of Things: Episode 1 - Nessa O'Mahony

Nessa's first poetry book 'Bar Talk' will be available to download as an audiobook soon, visit the link below for more information and a sneak preview

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