This is what anxiety sounds like

Feb 10, 2011, 12:49 PM
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OCorkyO - over 6 years ago

i wish i could be so scared that my book was actually getting published! because i am at least a year away from even thinking about it (even though i do) but i am very high on the life i have found through writing....i also have panic attacks and shit.... but ever since i decided this is it and what i want to do ,,,,i am getting over all my body can throw at me! :)


HeikeM - over 6 years ago

Hi - I wanted to send an audio-boo back but my mic doesn't work. So here just a few words: remember brrism, how panicky and nervous you were. But you did it anyway and you did it so well. You talked, lead a group and answered questions, everybody was nice - just like it is at an author reading. You introduce your book, you read a little and then you answer questions. Worked at brrism, will work at the book-launch. And the fear will make it better, fear is a good launch pad, keeps you sharp and focused. Anyway, feel hugged from me. And you will be ok!