TFOT: Episode 4 - Hans Zomer - "I dream in English"

Jan 23, 2015, 09:30 AM

In this 4th episode of The Family of Things,Helen Shaw's guest is Hans Zomer, Director of Dóchas, a development network, and lead organisation on the European Year of Development in Ireland. Hans talks about being shaped by his Dutch presbyterian roots, his family's experience of World War 2 and his childhood growing up in Cameroon.

2015 is an action year for world development with two landmark UN events aiming to secure a new set of development goals and a global agreement on the environment and climate change. For Hans it is a challenge to all of us to ask and answer how can we make a positive difference in 2015?

For more details on European Year of Development Ireland and Dóchas visit

The full episode is available to download from iTunes via the link below but for now here's a short teaser where Hans says, despite growing up in Cameroon and the Netherlands and speaking 5 languages, he dreams in English.

Music: 'The Old Haunt' ©Ana Gog 2014

Photo Courtesy of Hans Zomer

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