"Take ‘Em Down" - Dropkick Murphys

Feb 22, 2011, 04:56 PM
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<user-5006573> - 2 months ago

Great info


sunnyjay - over 6 years ago

I may be an idiot but rather my tax money go to the people who are teaching my children than squirreled away in corporate tax shelters in the Cayman's and Monoco as some here seem to want!


carzorthade - over 6 years ago

Jealous much?


sleeper54 - over 6 years ago

Rather schizoid comments so far here.

But regardless . . .looks like a big FAIL for SEIU and Dropkick...


miracleair - over 6 years ago

@theandyhicks I agree! I think we should get rid of all the greedy grocers too! We should all be getting food on account of the fact that we're citizens!


kikipapa - over 6 years ago

@walstib - you work close to 3,000 a year for the average teachers salary ($60,000), AND you pay your own insurance. Man - Why don't you get out of your business that's crushing you, and get a union job, where you get wages and benefits? Then explain to me - Why are you trying to pull me down to your hell, when I am more than happy to lift you up to my heaven?