MN Interview with IainDale @LBC 26/2/15 on Jeremy Hunt's absurd statement to HoC on Lampard Report

Feb 26, 2015, 04:49 PM

Staff not reporting concerns about Savile, including nurses telling child inpatients to 'pretend to be asleep if he comes around' resulted in only one formal complaint being made about Savile to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, and this was not from a member of staff but the father of a patient. A matron refused to listen to another child trying to report her rape telling her Savile was important to the hospital and raised millions. Whistle blowing can have no reliance placed upon it. . Staff failing to report or an administration refusing to report onwards to the LA is common and it stems from child protection being grounded on 'discretionary reporting' - or to give it another term 'whistle blowing.' It is nothing more than a hope that employees in the institution will do the right thing to ensure a report reaches the Local Authority. At Stoke Mandeville Hospital , Leeds General Infirmary, Broadmoor, and all the other hospitals in which Savile worked, and also at Duncroft School in Surrey - no member of staff spoke - ever!