Endless moment in my backyard

Mar 16, 2015, 12:46 PM

Martin Kristopher of Bremen, Germany, reimagines a sound from his own backyard as part of our Oblique Strategies project. He says: "When I decided to join in for this project I was looking forward to my new sound recorder, a Zoom H2N and already knew what I would record with it first and that I would use this as the foundation for my contribution: The soundscape of my apartment block´s backyard on a lazy and boring friday afternoon. Why? Easily said; it´s the soundscape I hear every day when I´m working in the studio, cooking, eating, sleeping, cheering, worrying, put shortly it´s the soundtrack for most of my life at the moment (if you subtract the music I produce and listen to...). So when the recorder arrived on a Thursday, I had both a plan and an idea of what to do with it. But then there were the cards. They were fascinating me from the moment on when I received them: 1. Go to an extreme, come part way back 2. Discard an axiom I used the second card first, my kind-of-axiom in producing music is that I love beats and therefore have to create beats. Using the card here means: No beats. To bring the order of the other card to life I made use of 2 Tape Delay VST´s on return channels, fed them the field recording from my backyard, pushed the feedback control to extreme and returned to normal. I did this over and over again, also modifying other controls like filter values and delay time. You can also hear the original recording in a big reverb space and a simple polysynth theme patched in Audulus. The track was recorded in one take. Enjoy!"