Audioboom damaged my business today

Mar 31, 2015, 03:11 PM

A recent decision by Audioboom has made it almost impossible to share my podcasts via Google, Twitter & Go hurdles to jump over.

That's changed.

This is a true story about the trouble this has caused my business.


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topgold - over 2 years ago

I believe the log-in wall happens only if you embed the Audioboom player. But if you use some other media player such as the Wordpress media player or Typepad's as I do and you append .mp3 to the URL of the Audioboom source location, you can play without log-in. If this works, you need to revise all previous code for the audio players used previously.


sabrinaMcKiernan - over 2 years ago

Hi Paul I have the audioboom player on my website u can install with Wordpress. I'm over on sound cloud too I agree it's not the same over there.


Gwenllian - over 2 years ago

How frustrating for you! I wonder if the Audioboom developers realize that they're actually damaging potential relationships here - professional and otherwise. If you'd been able to share your audios with that gentleman right on the spot, who knows where it might have led? But I am very happy that you're not leaving Audioboom altogether over this. I would be incredibly sad if you did - though of course you can't let one person's feelings stop you from doing whatever you feel is necessary. ☺ Besides, I would listen to you on Soundcloud if I had to, though I somehow feel it's not the same. ☺


sm2n - over 2 years ago

Do you have the option to put the embedded AudioBoom player on your own website?