Mystery flight N799WW landing Mitiga Libya HLLM

Mar 19, 2011, 12:15 AM
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<user-5006573> - 4 months ago

Very nice


Razvedchik - over 6 years ago

It is a BD-700-1A10 serial 9092 registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company.
The same subsidiary is the trustee for the aircraft with the tail number N168BF, a Raytheon Hawker 800XP with Serial # 258373 that allegedly has been used for extraordinary rendition flights.
And it got clearance for Tripoli on the eve of the UN Resolution... and they say only Russia has a double agenda ;-)


fmcnl - over 6 years ago

While the United Nation Security Council was voting on the No-Fly-Zone for Libya, this Bombardier BD-700 tail nr N799WW was heading to Tripoli Airport International. During contact with Malta ACC the flight was scrubbed by Tipoli ACC. Therefore N799WW contacted Tripoli ACC direct on 120.900 MHz and was cleared for landing at Mitiga Airport. At 22:30 UTC this flight was airborne again from Mitiga and departed via Malta and Italy to an unknown destination... more info very welcome @FMCNL !