Getting Daredevil to play on Netflix with audio description

Apr 16, 2015, 08:54 AM

iOS 8.3, #VoiceOver, #Netflix. #Daredevil

The option for language is on the top of the screen, closer to the top right edge (left from volume). You can pick both audio and subtitle options from that menu. Audio options are first, kind of on left side.

If #audiodescription is not showing in audio menu, relaunch the app - or log in Netflix as a different user.

The sound is not as detailed in this recording as itʻs on my headphones, but I wanted to show how to watch Daredevil with Netflix.

Iʻm happy I got it working. So now I can finally have something audiodescribed to watch in a regular app.

Why arenʻt there more shows with it? Iʻd love to have TV on with description on my headphones. Iʻd love to walk to a cinema and ask for the headphones without making a big deal of it. But I donʻt even know where thereʻs a cinema in the city I live in that would have the audio description headphones.

And FYI - try watching audio described shows with #screencurtain on (aka a black screen) even if you can see. See what many others see when they watch the show? If it feels a bit odd, put nice headphones on, watch it somewhere comfortable (on your bed), close your eyes & enjoy. Thatʻs all there is to it. :)