My thoughts on Eddie Izzard telling people to vote

Apr 17, 2015, 06:01 PM

"Whoever you're gonna vote for the rich are going to win aren't they?" comes a comment, at the end, off camera.

Almost true but not quite. Money is a metaphor for power. Power does what it wants. No matter who you vote for, with our current system, it's the powerful who win every time. The Monarchy, the aristocracy, the bureaucrats, the civil service, the aparatus of power. That's who wins. Not you. You're irrelevant.

Today a Labour Peer, "LORD" Janner, has avoided prosecution for "some of the most serious sexual crimes imaginable". If I belonged to a political party dealing with that level of shame would probably have put me off campaigning today but such is politics.

See, it's almost as if the political elite know in advance that the ‪#‎CSAInquiry‬ won't be allowed to become an "election issue". Despite the fact it cuts right to the heart of the problem we face in the UK, or perhaps because of that.

Step back and consider the fuller picture being revealed here. Your elected representatives appear to be *some of the most bribable people in the UK*. If I were a betting man I'd say that might have a lot to do with why they don't do as you tell them to, once they are in office. Maybe that's an explanation as to why they follow the agendas of powerful people which often, you've never even heard of.

Mainstream media favourite, Eddie Izzard's stance, with his "activists," seems a little empty handed and unrelated to these emerging new realities. Russell Brand has nailed his colours to the wall, he thinks there's no doubt there was (and perhaps still is) a pedophile ring operating at the highest levels of Government in the UK. He speaks about how incredibly dangerous for democracy that situation is and why it's important we do not look the other way and pretend it's all just not happening. Eddie appears to still think it's the 80's and a vote for Labour will sort it all out.

As it is, yet more alleged victims, who dared stand up to some of the most powerful people in the UK, will never get their day in court. As children they learned of a world that didn't care run by adults who could do what they wanted. For a while they believed the UK was a place where justice would be done and be seen to be done. Now, they have been told: f--k off, you're not important.

No, I do not vote.

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