Sex and Angela Rippon

Apr 26, 2015, 07:01 AM

Could Angela Rippon replace Jeremy Clarkson? could Angela return to Top Gear? She is keen to return and she would certainly bring a change of presentation style to the show but unless they cast her as an elderly dominatrix literally cracking the whip over Richard Hammond and James May, then I don't think she would be welcome back on that boys-toys show.

A few years ago Angela claimed that viewers didn't care about sex or age when it comes to presenters. I beg to differ I think most men like to see boobs and a lot of women a nice slice of beefcake.

There are only a few presenters that manage to rise above the sexist, ageist, racist programmers of many of our main TV stations, and I would put Angela Rippon as one of them.

I worked several years with Angela, I remember I once left the most appalling edit in a high-profile documentary about China I was editing for her. The edit unfortunately made it on air.

After the mishap had been broadcast I hid in a small studio tucked away in the LBC building ... but Angela found me and gave me the kind of ticking off that an elderly Headmistress might give you if you had done something unspeakable behind the school bicycle sheds. Not only did I deserve it but I really quite enjoyed being handbagged by our Ange.

So Angela you get my vote as a new Top Gear Presenter, but I fear you might have to don some fish-net stockings and a pair of stilettos to get anywhere near that show. #jeremy #clarkson #angela #rippon #top #gear #bbc