Kevin Spacey's Secret To Engaging Content

May 06, 2015, 04:59 PM

last year Actor and Director Kevin Spacey was invited to speak at 'Content Marketing World 2014' he was asked to give his opinion of what makes great content. (Kevin Spacey at CMW2014) But there's also a heightened way of making a story more compelling and more engaging (Kevin Spacey at CMW2014) An example of this might be a baby that is plucked out alive amidst the rubble and dust of a collapsed building following an earthquake. The child's face contorted and covered with dust, but within a few minutes, a wash and some love, the child is once again smiling. That was a true story, it happened during the devastating Nepal earthquake, so truth is an important element of story telling. (Kevin Spacey at CMW2014) Finally some words of wisdom and inspiration for you to create your next Podcast - (Kevin Spacey at CMW2014) #kevin #spacey #content #marketing #world #2014 #podcasting #training