Talking about Apple Watch - Renault Clio and Carplay

May 26, 2015, 06:56 PM

I have been using the Apple Watch for a couple of weeks now and loving it. I use it to control audio on my iPhone, for making timers and alarms. Great to see the notifications coming in and to use to make the quick and dirty journal posts in apps like Heyday and Day One. I can go into the apps on the iPhone or on the Mac later and add more with these Apple Watch posts used and markers to remind me what to write about in detail.

A bit of waffle about my new car. I have a Renault Clio and I think it would be great if I could upgrade it to Apple Car Play. I love to be able to interact with the car like I do with the Watch and the iOS devices - By talking to them to make them do my bidding. I don't have adaptive cruise control on the car and wish I did. I'll get that on the next car for sure. That's when the car uses radar to match the speed of the car in front, slowing you down to keep the distance.

I love technology.!