Run Rabbit Run

May 27, 2015, 07:43 AM

lets kill a pet rabbit live on the radio.

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That's what Danish radio host Asger Juhl did. The rabbit in question was called Allan and was struck on the head with a bicycle pump, Mr Juhl wanted to use a metal bar, but didn't have one, then he dispatched the rabbit by wringing its neck.

So was it pointless cruelty or a perfectly good way to talk about the subject of animal welfare. It was probably a capricious act by a presenter keen for publicity, which he received in bucket loads. I think if I was the Producer of the show I would have prevented him from actually killing the rabbit, but allow him to go through the process.

There is a radio version of the line in the sand, where you should not cross, and if you you do, there will certainly be consequences.

Radio Presenter, comedy writer and performer Jon Holmes decided to broadcast a quiz on Virgin Radio called "Swearing Radio Hangman for the Under-12s" - the title alone should have been cause for alarm from somebody in the management of the radio station.

On one particular night he persuaded a nine-year-old child to repeat the swear of the day, that was "soapy tit wank"

Jon is actually proud of this achievement and the record £75,000 fine that followed from the regulator. I know this as he came to work for LBC. He is a very funny, bright presenter and would try every time to cross that line in the sand. Martin his Producer and I had a single word that would bring him back into line though. All we had to do was whisper the word "Soapy" in his headphones and he knew that he was going to far.

Maybe someone at the Danish Radio will in the future be whispering "Rabbit" in Asger Juhl's ears when he next steps over the line? #Radio24syv #rabbit #killed #live #radio #asger #juhl