Let's Get Vulnerable

Season 1, Episode 12
May 29, 2015, 04:58 PM

In the weekly discussion segment of American Desis, Akaash and Arjun discuss themes that resonated with them during the interview. This week, however, things break from the norm and the fellas open with a Memorial Day tribute to an American Desi Hero. Then they express concern for their people in India who are suffering through the heatwave. That leads to a conversation inspired by a point made by Arjun's Nani, and the fellas wonder whether struggle leads to unity. Then, one last order of housekeeping as there is a discussion about Bobby Jindal that was supposed to happen last week. Arjun is justifiably appalled by some comments made by Bobby Jindal (no surprise there), while Akaash believes we should just stop giving attention to him altogether. Then, once all the housekeeping items are taken care of, they discuss their interview with the ladies of Brown Girl Magazine. They recall the tension that the word "fluff" seemed to invoke, but repeat that in their eyes it's not necessarily a bad thing. They also speak on the struggle that it must be to report news- balancing news with entertainment, speaking on behalf of a company rather than simply yourself, and so on. Then, once again, the conversation moves to how to communicate with your parents about uncomfortable topics. Arjun recalls a story about his own parents' maturity, and Akaash implores the listeners to simply overcome the awkwardness and talk. Finally, we close with thoughts from our community. As always, we ask 'all to review and rate. Discuss and share our podcast! We are only as strong as our community and we continue to hope you join!