AFP Show #12: I want to live like common people

Jun 05, 2015, 08:50 AM

It’s a big show this month: fantastic guests, smart conversation and our usual silliness. Baroness Jane Campbell, a crossbench Member of the #HouseofLords and journalist Paul Carter, talk with Steve and Simon about the ‘world's best’ card magician who is also blind, forgetting how to dress properly, and mistaking a very famous person as a waiter. Robin Christopherson tells us about some apps to keep you fit and speak foreign languages, Shannon Murray has spotted therapy ponies in Los Angeles, and Helen White tell us what Barclays are up to for their disabled customers.We discuss some of life's pivotal moments - hanging out with other #disabled people for the first time, discovering the social model (and its limitations), making your maiden speech in the House of Lords or your first stand-up #comedy gig. And how being out of your comfort zone can lead to greater things.