Week 5: Zeke Stokes of GLAAD, the PATRIOT and FREEDOM Acts, and...the Clinton Foundation. #UTpol #Election2016 @tylergpage @utahpoliticohub

Jun 08, 2015, 09:38 PM

Zeke Stokes, Vice President of Programs at GLAAD joined the latest Polite Politics Podcast to talk about the success of the gay rights movement and GLAAD’s vision for the future. The podcast also includes: • An In-Depth Look at the PATRIOT Act and the FREEDOM Act • Activists Exposed x3 • The latest in the Clinton Foundation scandal Be sure to listen to the latest Polite Politics Podcast. Here are sources on the podcast and some explanations referenced within it. Hillary Clinton: • Poll – Majority think she isn’t trustworthy… • Salon: No answer for arms sales issue.

Activists Exposed Quick Hits • Law Enforcement Appreciation Day gets Nike boycotts • Idiots petition IOC to revoke Caitlyn Jenner’s gold medal • LA Labor Union hypocrisy on minimum wage

In-Depth: The PATRIOT Act • Freedom Act passes • Difference between PATRIOT Act and Freedom Act …