#Audiomo Day 17 - Cheers Tag

Jun 17, 2015, 09:50 PM

Please excuse all the pops - I was a little close to the mic. I really hope you all will comment and post! TAG! You're it! #blindabilities #audiomo

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Purplecakes3 - over 2 years ago

Well I think my user name speaks for me. I just looooove CAKE! Cupcakes to be exact, with butter cream, or icing sugar. Ok I admit I love sugar! I'll eat almost anything sweet! Lol!


moelucie - over 2 years ago

I love Mexican food as well and carrot cake


topgold - over 2 years ago

Prawn fried rice with lemon meringue pie.


PaulLeishman - over 2 years ago

Love that theme tune to cheers


__Jazminruiz - over 2 years ago

I like seafood and salads. I love any kind of cookies.


MelPeskoe - over 2 years ago

Randy, you are a mess. How does terry handle you? Lol