Today in Spain - Wednesday 17 June 2015

Jun 17, 2015, 10:39 PM

#Mobile# Phone Growth - Information released by the popular holiday reservation website has revealed that the mobile phone is fast taking over all other devices when it comes to searching for the perfect #holiday. #Cutbacks in Local #Government - The new tripartite government of #Alicante has formulated a proposal to sell off all but one of their official vehicles, keeping just the one for use on official visits. Unusual Dump in #Torrevieja - Being treated as an act of vandalism, local police in Torrevieja are investigating the appearance of hundreds of used cigarette tips found this week dumped on the road outside the business premises of the former mayor Eduardo Dolón´s father. #Dog #Stolen from Torrevieja Pound - The Torrevieja dog pound has reported that a bulldog has been stolen from their premises, and a seeking the assistance of the public to try to track it down.