TFOT: Episode 7 Linda Buckley - "Iceland is somewhere that I always felt a connection with..."

Jun 26, 2015, 09:35 AM

In Episode 7 of THE FAMILY OF THINGS, Helen Shaw's guest is Cork born composer Linda Buckley who writes contemporary music drawing inspiration from the world around her, from the soundscape of her childhood growing up on a diary farm overlooking the Old Head of Kinsale to other places close to her heart including Iceland. Buckley's work has been performed by Crash Ensemble, the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the University of York Javanese Gamelan to name a few, and its mix of vocal, acoustic and electronic sounds is often termed spacial music. Buckley draws references from medieval music and sees her works not just as compositions but as live engagements defined by space and audiences.

In this second short clip Linda talks about connection to Iceland, her love for the language and its influence on her work.

The full episode is available to download from iTunes via the link below:

Music: 'The Old Haunt' ©Ana Gog 2014 'Numarimur' & 'Fall Approaches' ©Linda Buckley

Photo by Olesya Zdorovetska

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