The Hall of Lost Footsteps

Jun 29, 2015, 02:16 PM

Inspired by the #WhisperingNeds weekly prompt no. 6 "In the hall of lost footsteps I wait Breathing in the shallow empty air." - J. Mackintosh

The Hall of Lost Footsteps

The closeness of the air still capturing Scent of dust and age and yellowing paper A relic of earlier times when he sat at this desk Surrounded by business concerns and cigars

She kept him company with her embroidery Turning on the radio for a little news and light jazz Cajoling him to leave his cares and dance a turn Feet sliding and circling on the scrolled carpet

Now, the desk is dusty with few papers on its surface Discolored and curling with neglect The carpet is worn with a burn from an errant ash No more dancing on its threadbare patterns

Only rumors still remain within these walls To be removed like old curtains and faded paint The house remembers its past even farther back But keeps its secrets in the now-stale air