Aftershow (Preview) on Antigone with Danny Lobell

Jul 05, 2015, 04:23 PM

Comedian Danny Lobell of the Modern Day Philosophers podcast and our own Wes Alwan were joined for a discussion of Antigone by PEL citizens Daniel Cole, David Buchanan, Erik Weissengruber, Frank Marcopolos, and Terra Leigh Bell. We talked a little about how to distinguish acting on principle from acting out of personal pride (and whether these can be distinguished); whether Creon is just drunk with power or believes he's doing the right thing; and about a whole host of other marginally related things, including race and Rachel Dolezal.

This is a short preview of a 2-hr conversation. Citizens can get the full episode audio here, or use our new Citizen feed to get it (along with all the recent ad-free episodes, our other Aftershows, Close Readings, and old episodes no longer available on the public feed) beamed straight to your iPhone or Android device by getting the Downcast app and manually adding a podcast using this new feed address along with your Citizen username and password: If you forget this, just look at our ""How Do I?"" page on the Citizens menu. #antigone #tragedy #sophocles #ethics #state Go to the blog: