Who's Listening? Edison Research on Radio & Podcasting//PR For Anyone with Christina Daves

Nov 15, 2014, 02:28 AM

The Social Network Show welcomes Larry Rosin in part 1 and Christina Daves in part 2 of the November 14, 2014 episode.

Part 1: Who's Listening? Edison Research on Radio & Podcasting

Larry Rosin, co-founder and President of Edison Research, a very well respected research company shares information on a new study measuring the world of American audio usage. This Share of Ear Study can be found on their website and has very interesting statistics on how many people are listening to broadcast radio, internet radio, satellite radio, tv music channels etc. If you have ever wondered about how these companies measure the number of listeners, Larry shares this information with Dr. J and Jim.

Larry Rosin is co-founder and President of Edison Research. Edison is best known as the company that exclusively performs exit polls for all US elections, and also performs exit polling in other countries throughout the world. Edison also has an extensive practice in media research, working with broadcasters, Internet companies, and other related fields.

Rosin founded Edison in 1994 and has been a primary force in building the company into one of the world’s most respected research companies.


Part 2:  PR For Anyone with Christina Daves

Christina Daves, Founder of PR for Anyone® , Founder of CastMedic Designs/inventor of a medical boot that fits over a leg cast, and author of PR For Anyone shares how she became an inventor and an expert in public relations. She explains how many small business owners hire PR people but do not get what they expect. Christina, not only learned to be her own PR person, she wrote a book and started a consulting business on this topic. On this show, you can hear Christina share her "Three Pillars of PR Success"; How to use trade publications; How to find time to do public relations; Christina's favorite tip from her book involving using Helping A Reporter Out (HARO); and comments on the usefulness of press releases.

Christina Daves, Founder of PR for Anyone® is also a serial entrepreneur, award-winning inventor, speaker, and best-selling author. As a small business owner, she desperately needed exposure for her product line but had zero money for a publicist! She taught herself everything she could about DIY-PR and figured out formulas that really work for getting in the media.

She is a DIY-PR expert and has appeared in over 200 media outlets in two years. She has been seen on the Steve Harvey Show and Dr. Oz and has been on tons of affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and the CW plus national publications, newspapers, blogs, and radio.