Kent Heroes - Carer of the Year - Jed Pearson

Jul 22, 2015, 01:34 PM

Day 3 of Kent Heroes with Kent Reliance took us into the countryside to meet a carer called Jed.

We heard from Jed’s mum Claire with this heart warming email nomination.

“Jed is 16 and has been a young carer for 10 years now for myself (his mum) as I have brittle type 1 diabetes and end stage renal failure and his dad who has MS.

Jed goes beyond his call of duty as our son to always help us with daily chores, such as cooking washing, ironing, shopping and gardening; all of this done whilst keeping up with school and studies.

Jed is constantly fund raising for the charity as well as for his ‘Crossroads Young Carers Project’ where he is a confident speaker to groups about the pressures of looking after parents or siblings.

We live in a very small village where Jed has built up quite a little gardening round helping other residents who cannot manage their gardens. He supports the Swale MS group by setting up a Facebook page to support others children who are in his position and have a question to ask.

Growing up had to come quick for Jed, and he has missed a lot of his childhood but he never complains. We could not manage without his continued support; Jed takes it all in his stride and takes each day as it comes. Thank you Jed you don’t know how much we love you xxx”

Here is a young guy that deserved a visit from kmfm and Kent Reliance!