My Story Part 1: About My Adoption

Apr 27, 2011, 10:40 PM
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Paul_coxon_81 - over 6 years ago

Thanks dude that means a lot :-) and thanks all for such lovely feedback on this boo :-)


documentally - over 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing man. I think your parents did an amazing job.


Kaz_Ram - over 6 years ago

Looking forward to the next part of your story Paul, brilliant way to share your thoughts and feelings about this. I always enjoy listening to your boos.


Paul_coxon_81 - over 6 years ago

Thanks for your kind words :-) I think the idea of a resource for adoptive parents and children that shares real life stories in the peoples own words is a fantastic idea and long overdue, also thinking now...

Unfortunately not able to attend #localgovcamp this time around, but it would be great to catch up some time.

Thanks again for the comments and retweet :-)

Warm Regards



psfnick - over 6 years ago

Paul or John Paul :-) Just listend to this now, absolute fantastic boo and idea for possibly breaking down the stigmas of adoption. As an adoptive parent, when people find out that we have adopted, the words we hear are "brilliant" etc.

Im really lookng forward to hearing more about your parents and your mum especially who sounds like she didn't have "you can't" in her vocab.

A library of audio boos by adopted children and adoptive parents would make an extremely userful resource for those adopting and also children who are in adoption system. You have started me thinking. Hope we get to meet soon. Are you going to #localgovcamp?


Paul_coxon_81 - over 6 years ago

Thanks for the kind words Mark, once again audioboo the only way I would choose to tell this story :-)