Life as a Visual Storyteller—Episode 30—30th July, 2015: Being Ripped Apart by Wild Horses

Jul 30, 2015, 08:25 PM

Chase Jarvis is a photographer, filmmaker and company CEO.

Bryan Adams is a musician, songwriter and photographer.

Jeff Bridges is an actor and photographer. Brendan Fraser also. Lucy Liu is an actress and artist.

Michael Palin is a comedian, actor, writer and presenter.

I can hardly think of a creative who only does one thing. So why am I finding it so hard to figure out how to market and earn an a living from my own disparate skill set? Photographer, filmmaker and cartoonist, with a helping of podcaster and writer on the side, and a goblet of marketing experience to wash it all down with—1968, an excellent year.

I suppose the good thing is, I'm not stuck for options.

Maybe that's the problem? Too much choice? It feels like being tethered to wild horses, each of which wants to go and explore a different corner of the meadow. How do you marshal them without coming apart at the seams? Answer in the audio.