Children in Pain

Episode 3,  Apr 27, 2011, 11:56 PM

The hidden problem of pain in children and young people, plus tributes to Pain Concern patron Claire Rayner.

Chronic pain is as widespread in children and young people as in the population as a whole, but is probably even less well understood. Jan Barton and her son Sam, who grew up in constant pain, discuss their struggle to get a proper diagnosis and to find effective treatment, while, Dr Christina Liossi explains how hypnosis can be particularly valuable as an approach to managing pain for children. Dr Amanda Williams describes the psychologist’s role in helping patients manage their pain and Dr Tonya Palermo explains how a psychologist can explain pain to young people.

We also pay tribute to the late Claire Rayner, indefatigable campaigner for patients’ rights and patron of Pain Concern, who died October 12th aged 79.

In this programme:

  • Heather Wallace- Claire Rayner Tribute
  • Dr Martin Johnson- Claire Rayner
  • Claire Rayner- Patron’s Voice
  • Sam Barton- Growing up in Pain
  • Jan Barton- Growing up with Pain
  • Dr Tonya Palermo- Children in Pain
  • Dr Christina Liossi- Children in Pain and Hypnosis
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