5. Learning to Live with Pain

Apr 28, 2011, 12:21 AM

Learning how to live with pain and living with people in pain, and what pain management programmes do.

First broadcast 23.11.10

Pain management programmes can ‘remove the barriers’ that prevent people with pain from living a normal life, says Dr Owen Hughes of the Pain and Fatigue Management Centre in Bronllys, Wales.

Presenter Lionel Kelleway returns to the Bronllys Residential Pain Management Programme where he himself was a patient to talk with staff and patients about what happens on the programmes and also shares his own experience. Mary Rhys Williams describes her work as an occupational therapist helping patients to adjust their lifestyles and consultant Mark Turtle explains what makes a patient suitable for a pain management programme. We also hear from Sheila Day, whose partner has chronic pain, about the challenges faced by the loved ones of people with pain.

In this programme:

  • Berni Bustin- Pyschologist

  • Rhian Evans-Living with Pain

  • Mary Rhys Williams- Advanced Occupational Therapist

  • Sheila Day- Living with a person in pain

  • Tracy Thomas- Living in Pain

  • Dr Owen Hughes- Bronllys

  • Dr Mark Turtle-Bronllys

  • Lionel Kelleway- Personal Journey

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