14. Recent Developments in Nerve Pain and How to get a Good Night's Rest

Apr 28, 2011, 01:03 AM

What is a spinal cord stimulator and could it help you to manage your pain? Plus, complex regional pain syndrome, mirror therapy for phantom limbs, and how chronic pain affects and is affected by sleep.

First broadcast 29.03.11

Paul Evans meets Edith Mowatt who has nerve root pain and hears how she has learned to manage her condition and about her experience of spinal cord stimulation. We hear a doctor’s view on these machines from Dr Steve Gilbert, and how they can also be used to treat complex regional pain syndrome. Dr Candy McCabe tells us more about this condition, as well as the use of mirrors in therapy for phantom limb pains.

Finally, Professor Mark Blagrove and Dr Nicole Tang explain how pain affects sleep, and how a good night’s rest with the help of cognitive behavioural therapy can ease pain symptoms.

In this programme:

  • Edith Mowatt – Nerve root pain

  • Dr Steve Gilbert, Queen Margaret Hospital, Fife

  • Prof Candy McCabe – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, phantom limbs and Mirror Therapy

  • Prof Mark Blagrove – Sleep and pain

  • Dr Nicole Tang – CBT and sleep

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