Life as a Visual Storyteller—Episode 32—1st August, 2015: My War with the Letter 'G'

Aug 01, 2015, 09:50 PM

At the moment, I'm not friends with the letter 'G'. I'm not keen on profanity on the blo-, but seriously that letter is a ri-ht little (restraining myself here) so-and-so.

You mi-ht remember that the stop-motion sequence I filmed yesterday had to be thrown away. It looked wrong. I refilmed it today. When I was done, I noticed durin- the playback that the letter '-' had moved at some point. It stood out quite badly.

Cursin-, I filmed the entire sequence once more, frame by frame.

And would you believe it? On reviewin- the soddin- foota-e, the blasted letter had moved once more. The exact same letter in the exact same place in the exact same way. At first, I thou-ht I was reviewin- the previous sequence in which it had moved—it was that identical. But no such luck.

It had to be filmed all over.

At the fourth time of askin', the little -it stayed put and the sequence runs beautifully.

Thank -od.