Pre Transmission Test Before 3pm #radio4 Summary

Jun 29, 2009, 02:58 PM
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leica - almost 2 years ago

Oddly amused by hearing "okee doke" in a newsreader's voice. :)


neilsleat - over 7 years ago

Hi rjnet,
If I'd thought I was speaking to a few million people I would not have sounded calm! If this doesn't sound too glib - the trick is to realise you're speaking to only ONE person. Which is perfectly true. But... well... times a few million. It's best to ignore the latter part of the equation :-)


rjnet - over 7 years ago

I realise this was posted "yonks" back, but it is very interesting nonetheless. Given that you were preparing to speak to a few million people you seemed remarkably calm!


neilsleat - over 8 years ago

Hi Andrew. Thanks for you comment. Yes, Radio 4 newsreaders self-op the summaries, including the four minute one at midday, which can have four or five clips. The bulletins and sequences are too complicated to self-op and a studio manager does the honours.

Radio 4 continuity is self-op now except between 0520 and 0600, when one announcer takes on both the continuity and newsreading roles. Self-opping continuity makes self-opping the news summaries look like a picnic!


Andrewstuart - over 8 years ago

Having sat in a Five Live studio as it's broadcast (S4, Drive Prog and S5, Derbyshire), It is all very interesting stuff, seeing how the BBC work and produce all their broadcast material... - One thing that is different is the fact yours is Self Op. I presume you have a summaries producer, but, and i don't know why, I thought you would have had an SM playing clips in for you. I suppose for 2-3 minutes and one clip, makes sense for you to do it. How abut the bulletins on Today and PM, etc - are you self op or does the relevant programme SM play the clips - and do you do it from a separate studio or in the main studio?


stoneflake - over 8 years ago

Thank you, most interesting.