Amelia Earhart Vanishes (Part 2)

Nov 27, 2014, 10:42 PM


Did Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan live short lives as castaways, or were they lost at sea after running out of fuel and ditching their Lockheed Electra 10E? Maybe they were taken prisoner, interrogated and eventually executed by the Japanese in Saipan? If none of those are right, maybe Amelia changed her identity and lived her days out as a woman named Irene Bolam who settled down in New Jersey?

This episode is part 2 of a special about aviation's most famous disappearance of all time, that of Amelia Earhart.


Normally we break these down a little more, but it's Thanksgiving Day and I've got to get in the kitchen. All links as promised from this episode are below. If you can't click on these, visit our website.

Triangulating Amelia's last radio signals, Youtube. TIGHAR's Smoking Gun, Artifact 2-2-v-1, The Aluminum Panel The 1991 LA Times Article by Paul Dean discounting 2-2-v-1 Earhart and Noonan's Take-off from Lae, Papua New Guinea. TIGHAR's Wire & Rope Movie Mike Campbell's Blog, Earhart Truth. TIGHAR's Debris Field Analysis TIGHAR on the Bevington Object Prepping the Electra for the trip. The In Search Of on Amelia Earhart The SS Norwich City The Consolidated PBY on Wikipedia TIGHAR's PBY Rebuttal, posted just days ago TIGHAR's page on the Norwich City shipwreck. TIGHAR on feasibility of Betty Klenck hearing Amelia. A diagram of Betty Klenck's shortwave radio antenna. Betty Klenck's notes from the day she thought she heard Amelia. SKIP on CB Radios. Documentary, Earhart's Electra. World of Mysteries Documentary supporting Elgen Long's hypothesis. The Chater Report. Flight Route Map Nauticos Mike Campbell's Book, The Truth at Last on Amazon. Richard Martini's Film, Earhart's Electra on Amazon. Earhart on Saipan, Martini and Mike Harris' website. 


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