17. Primary Care and Pain in the Brain

May 10, 2011, 02:54 PM

The healthcare professionals transforming pain management, and we take a closer look at how pain is received in the brain.

First broadcast 09.05.11

Airing Pain was at the launch of the British Pain Society’s Primary and Community Care Special Interest Group where we heard from healthcare professionals who are working to improve the management of pain conditions in the UK. The crucial role of GPs in recognising and treating pain was especially emphasised.

Plus, is pain all in the mind? Paul Evans learns about the science behind pain in the brain and the exciting studies being done by Prof Irene Tracy and her team at the Oxford University Brain Imaging Unit.

In this programme:

  • Prof Richard Langford – BPS president

  • Dr Martin Johnson – RCGP clinical champion for pain management

  • Dr Mark Porter – Celebrity GP and journalist

  • Prof Irene Tracy – Director of the Oxford university brain imaging unit

  • Ms Ann Taylor – Pain community centre, Speaker at event

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